Zhejiang Winner Fire Fighting Equipment CO.,Ltd.

      Efforts to create value for customers to gain its own development and interests.

      This is our company's philosophy and the standard of behavior for the whole stuff, which has been proved by the two decades development course of “WINNER FIRE”.

      No customer's, none of our existence. We will lose our pursuit if we cannot create value for customers. We have to try our best to help the customers when they have difficulty; we have to try to figure out their intentions when they have expectations, as customers’ value is always our goal.
      We have our own interests and demands, including employees, shareholders, organization, but we must understand that customers are the cornerstone of our existence and, as well as our land of harvest.
      In the face of the spreading global economic crisis, we need more than ever to get close to customers, to understand them, to inquire their demands, and to share their burden. Since we have truly understood the customer's needs and got the ability to meet their needs, we can live better.

      Tiger can only exist in the forest, eagle can only fly in the sky, while excellent employees can only exist in a good system and process. So, the greatest gratitude and return to the tiger is a forest more wide, the greatest gratitude and return to eagle is a sky more vast, and that to employees is a fairer system, organization and culture environment. 

      No matter what changes will be taken place in this world, our care and responsibility of the mankind, surroundings, families, customers and employees will never change.