Zhejiang Winner Fire Fighting Equipment CO.,Ltd.

      Efforts to create value for customers to gain its own development and interests
      The value demand is defined by the customer, and we will provide customers with the best products and service. Our sales will define customer value demand by professional methods: collect information by the use of industry advisory, application sharing and interviews, investigate deeper through discussions, and improve the customers’ self-awareness ability of value demand through training. After mining and definition of value demand, we will provide consulting service and solutions based on customers’ value demand.

      Product functions, in-house production time, quality and cost are the base for value creation, profit level and the source of customer value. We adopt advanced technology, superb techniques to save costs for you. We are able to provide products or service with good function, high quality, excellent speed and low price for you.
      The value of target customers is the company's mission, our company must transfer the value-creating activities into lasting organizational behavior. After years of advocacy, "customer consciousness" has been integrated into the enterprise culture, as well as the behavior consciousness of every employee. It has also been dissolved into the pay mechanism, R&D mechanism, performance assessment management mechanism, KPI system and marketing system. It is to build customer information system, accounting system, service monitoring system, assignment process of customer service system specification, and provide information support.
      If customers are satisfied, we get sustainable development.
     The three conditions that make a team:  a common vision and goal, that relationship and organization culture with mutual respect, dependence and support, the agreed norms and principle.
      Humble and fearless, shy but persistent.