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Fire station joint hundreds of websites do fire safety knowledge contest

To establish the concept of safe fire protection and popularize the common sense of fire safety

Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Public Security jointly launched the national fire safety knowledge contest

China News Network August 28 the fire how to correctly dial the alarm telephone, how to find and eliminate around a common fire hazards, family fires how to fight, when there is a fire escape, encounter these problems you know what to do? If it is not clear, or if there is doubt, then come to participate in the national fire safety knowledge network contest (http://119.china.com.cn/2012xfds/index.htm) bar.

National fire safety knowledge network competition will be officially launched in August 28, 2012 8 when the end of the 8 in September 25th, a period of 4 weeks. This competition by the joint Chinese Ministry of public security fire department network, people net, Xinhua net, CCTV net, Chinese police network, in new network, China Youth Network, hosted by Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, China Fire Online hosted, around the people's public security news, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) Public Security Fire Corps and hundreds of CO site. During the contest, one hundred co site will be unified link contest answer page.

The fire safety knowledge contest to take network answer, is also aimed at in this way, so that users can more easily and quickly test their fire, fire fighting, escape self knowledge and fire laws and regulations knowledge to understand the situation. All users can access to the Internet to participate in the answer, answer page after landing, the computer will randomly from the item bank out of 10 questions (including RadioButtonList, MCQ, judgment question three questions) responses of for users to answer, answer all those, with registration complete personal information can be obtained of the contest qualifying draw, the contest week will draw out 200 all correctly and will get fine prize.

In August this year, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of education, Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of culture, administration of radio, film and television, saws according to the present situation of the fire characteristics of China jointly developed released "twenty" fire safety knowledge, from how to report a fire to the proper use of fire fighting equipment, electrical equipment and gas facilities, and daily life should take the fire safety measures, concise vivid that everyone should pay attention to fire safety knowledge and fire escape knowledge, citizens should master the basic knowledge of fire. Hold the fire safety knowledge network competition, is in order to further implement the State Council "on the strengthening and improvement of fire control work opinions" and the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of public security and other eight departments jointly issued by the national fire safety publicity and education outline, extensive propaganda popularization of six departments jointly issued the "fire safety knowledge 20" and fire laws and regulations knowledge.

According to statistics, as of the end of 12 in 2011, the number of Internet users in China has exceeded 500 million, reaching a total of 55 million 800 thousand new Internet users throughout the year. In the State Council issued the "opinions on strengthening and improving the work of fire" in a clear reference to the use of a variety of network media and actively carry out fire safety publicity. The fire safety knowledge contest use has become the main channel of information dissemination of the Internet, is in order to achieve faster more widely spread and popularization of fire safety knowledge, in order to fully enhance the national fire safety awareness and the ability to resist fire.

Look forward to your participation, everyone concerned about the fire, to create peace and harmony!

Link: http://119.china.com.cn/2012xfds/txt/2012-08/27/content_5282397.htm