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The company was awarded the patent demonstration enterprise in Jiaxing City

Our city this year, the new 47 municipal patent model enterprises VAILLANT fire on the list

A few days ago, after a written review and site visits, municipal science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Commission jointly issued a document, awarded the Zhejiang VAILLANT fire equipment Limited by Share Ltd and other 47 enterprises in Jiaxing City, the title of the patent demonstration enterprises. The newly identified 47 patent demonstration enterprises involved in the field focused on new energy, machinery, electronics, auto parts, household appliances, clothing and other industries, the number of new patent demonstration enterprises for the calendar year.

The patent demonstration enterprise to declare the situation from the point of view, most of the city's declaration enterprises not only pay more attention to patent creation ability of ascension, and generally in the system construction, organization setting, personnel training and achieved certain results, patent management and the ability to use in a large extent to improve. At the same time, this time a total of 85 patent demonstration enterprises to participate in the annual review, jiaxipera Compressor Co., Ltd., 61 companies successfully passed the review, and another 24 enterprises is because does not meet the relevant provisions be warned or delisted. Through the review of patent demonstration enterprises, reflecting some of the demonstration enterprises in the patent management also exist some problems. Every three years for a dynamic reassessment will supervise and guide enterprises to earnestly implement the various management system of intellectual property rights, and the establishment of long-term mechanism of patent management. [b] Zhejiang VAILLANT fire equipment Limited by Share Ltd