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Winner Fire Fighting October 15th listing

The company has strong R & D and innovation ability, technology R & D center was awarded for the enterprise technology center of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province small and medium-sized enterprise technology center, Jiaxing City high-tech enterprises research and development center, Zhejiang Province high technology enterprise research and development centers; and the establishment of a set Bei Qiquan, advanced product testing laboratory, equipped with spectrum analyzer, electronic universal testing machine, automatic blasting machine, helium detector, high and low temperature test, salt spray test of advanced detection equipment. Company's core technical personnel have many years of product R & D design experience, the company has the invention, utility model, the appearance of more than 10 patents, a number of newly developed patents have been formally accepted by the state patent office. In addition to the independent research and development, the company also with the Ministry of public security, Shanghai fire research, Zhejiang branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Jiaxing light alloy engineering transformation center, Zhejiang University of technology, Jiaxing College etc. universities established scientific research, teaching, school enterprise cooperation, for the company's product development and talent high building to provide assistance.