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Our company has a staff abroad turned " Gold Blue collar"

South Lake District, there is another person into the province of high skilled personnel training

According to the Jiaxing Daily News reported today:

The "blue collar" can also go abroad to learn technology, Benz, BMW, SIEMENS and so on to the enterprise learn". Zhejiang Granville can Wang Weimin of the staff and workers of the fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd has recently received from the "offer" of the Provincial Department of personnel, at the end of this month and from other companies in the province 24 front-line workers flew to Germany for training. He is the only worker in Jiaxing area for this opportunity, but also the company's second overseas training, golden blue collar".

In the enterprise have to seek transformation and upgrading of today, compared to the equipment and funds, enterprises need a high level of technical workers, which has become the consensus of government departments and enterprises. Wang Weimin is Zhejiang Granville can fire equipment Co., Ltd. aluminum alloy cylinder head of the workshop, will join the is Zhejiang Province in 2012 "gold collar high skill talents went to Germany CNC milling machine operator training, training costs by province finance special subsidy, 25 selected personnel to foreign well-known enterprises, universities and vocational training institutions to learn the advanced manufacturing technology and management.

"Accelerate the technological progress, is conducive to the promotion of existing industries, more conducive to the development of new areas." Wei can fire deputy general manager Yao Yu introduction, although the company already were assessed for provincial, municipal and district high technology R & D center and last month in Zhejiang equity trading center formally, but will continue to strengthen the technical training is still an important support for the enterprise to expand into new areas, and the company's next step will promote the vehicle compressed natural gas cylinder, boat with a bottle of liquefied natural gas project, the company to wangweimin to Germany learning has placed great expectations.

It is understood that wangweimin is not a threat to fire first in Zhejiang Province "gold collar high skill talent project, at the end of last year, the company equipment Ya Fei Cao minister has Jiaxing area as only selected the front-line workers went to Germany training. Cao Yafei department is responsible for the development and maintenance of equipment, etc., play a decisive role in the production of enterprises. He said that 28 days of German mechanical and electrical training, so he has a new understanding of the mechanical and electrical integration, this year the introduction of two large enterprises in Germany, he learned in Germany immediately put in place.

"The introduction of a number of mechanical equipment from abroad is very powerful, but because of the reasons for employee skills, we may not be able to best play their effectiveness." Yao Yu introduced over the years, Wai to fire products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, by selecting the best front-line technical workers to foreign first-class production equipment, enterprise application monasteries, must be helpful to improve the technological level of enterprises and innovative ideas, and technology is for enterprises to win the core competitiveness in the world market.