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Strike out the fire product conformity assessment center continued to carry out flight supervision action

In order to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive implementation of the system of compulsory certification of fire protection products, the "special rectification of fire fighting products" will improve the quality of fire protection products and purify the market of fire products. Since December 2013, I center in conjunction with the national fixed fire extinguishing systems and refractory component of quality supervision, inspection and testing center, national fire equipment quality inspection center, national fire electronic product quality inspection center and national fire protection building materials quality inspection center, under the full support of the fire department supervision, continued to carry out a fire extinguisher, fire extinguishing agent, fire hydrant, fire hose, fire hose reel, fire emergency lighting and other key products, the flight to oversee the operation.

Until 2014 March 5th, I sent a total of flight supervision and inspection personnel of more than 700 people, the scope of the inspection relates to Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing and other places of fire protection products production enterprises 379, to check the contents of the core enterprise product consistency maintenance of, business of fire protection products sales flow registration system (product identity information system) implementation, control of raw materials, components procurement, product inspection rules execution and test the ability to keep. According to the certification regulations, the quality assurance, the lack of the ability, product consistency seriously of enterprise, the flight of the supervision and inspection personnel immediately to recover all the certificates, and warned about enterprise certification regulations and rules shall not be violated, immediately stop the certificate issue involved product sales activities.

At present, for the existence of a serious problem of certified enterprises, I have been in accordance with the rules of the implementation of certification rules for the implementation of the relevant certificates of serious treatment, the flight will continue to carry out the supervision. The certificate processing information related to illegal enterprises, can check the Chinese fire products information network (www.cccf.com.cn) or the Ministry of public security fire products conformity assessment center network (www.cccf.net.cn).