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The Ministry of public security requires the full maintenance of the sustained and stable fire situation

On the morning of December 8, the Ministry of public security fire department held a teleconference, requires the country to push forward the winter fire battle, resolutely curb serious especially Qunsiqunshang fire, make every effort to safeguard the sustained fire situation.

According to the Secretary for the Ministry of public security fire department Chen Weiming, nearly 30 years, our country a death more than 30 fire, 46% in November to February, such as: Xinjiang Karamay friendship hall death 325 fires, Henan Luoyang Dongdu building death 309 fire, Liaoning Fuxin Yip song and dance hall 233 people fire, Jilin Liaoyuan central hospital death of 37 people died fire occurred in the winter. Since the beginning of winter this year, the fire situation suddenly serious, the dead fire from multiple, in November alone, the dead fire 70, death 106 people, 35 people were injured, of which a death 9 3 people above the fire, killing 41 people died, compared with the same period last year increased by 31 people. These fire accidents have caused great losses to people's lives and property. He pointed out that on December 5, the Russian city of perm lame horse nightclub fire, killing 112 people have died and more than 140 people were injured, in the world within the scope of influence is very big, also give us sounded the alarm. Resolutely curb the dead fire prone momentum, to prevent the occurrence of Qunsiqunshang fire, is one of the urgent tasks, the national public security fire troops must police mobilization, and go all out to play a good winter fire battle, for China's economic and social development and people's production and life to create a good environment for fire safety.

Director Chen pointed out that to do a good job in winter, is thoroughly implement the General Secretary Hu Jintao "and strive to build a 'loyal, reliable, serving the people dedication' fire team" the total requirements of the concrete manifestation, is the guarantee of the masses of the people live and work in peace and contentment, a practical need to maintain social stability. He asked for fire troops at different levels to keep a sober mind, see more inadequate, find the gap, always treading on thin ice, standing on the edge of the abyss crisis sense, fully grasp the work. To the leadership to the government as a good staff, according to the local fire situation, identify the weak links and the outstanding problems, put forward countermeasures and suggestions to strengthen and improve the work. Two to coordinate the implementation of regulatory responsibilities. To use fire security committee, fire protection of the joint meeting of the platform, strengthen and departments of education, civil affairs, transportation, construction and culture of communication and contact, guide them to the system, the industry to carry out a fire hazard investigation and rectification activities, focusing on remediation of fire hazards in primary and secondary schools, social welfare institutions, public transportation, construction sites and places of public entertainment. Three to urge social units to implement the main responsibility. To social units especially in-depth analysis of the key unit of fire safety conditions, be aware of. To clear the unit of fire safety responsibility, supervise the implementation of the fire safety management system, to strengthen the early fire fighting and evacuation drills, improve the ability to self save. Four to mobilize the broad participation of the masses. Under the unified leadership of the government launched a broad streets, towns and other grassroots organizations, units and the masses of workers mobilization, act quickly, and actively participate in fire hazard investigation and reporting activities, to maximize the expansion of coverage of fire hazard investigation and remediation, reinforce preventive measures and work of the social foundation and the masses foundation.

Meeting the requirements, all localities should will resolutely investigate and deal with violations of fire safety management behavior and a major fire hazard, throughout the winter always. First check to highlight the focus. To be glued to the upper, underground buildings and shopping malls and markets, nightclubs and other crowded places, staring at the "village in city", "three" fire hazard area and its position, glued festive activity place, staring social unit person in charge for fire control safety. Two is the law enforcement should be strictly in place. To find the hidden dangers of fire especially endanger public safety of major fire hazards, to timely to the party committees, governments and the public security organs report to the leadership, and resolutely investigate and punish, the seal must be closed, they must shut down the business, the administrative detention must be detained. To learn from experience and practice of Liaoning, Shandong, Henan and other places strict enforcement of, with full use of legal and administrative means, resolutely investigate and deal with fire violations and fire hidden trouble, can not raise the risk of disaster. To be under the unified leadership of the public security organs, the collaboration with the sheriff's department and guide the public security police station do a good job in fire control work, timely rectification of fire hazards in residential areas and six small place ". Three is to pay attention to the effectiveness of publicity. In order to popularize the daily fire prevention and escape knowledge as the focus, increase the propaganda density, expand the coverage, and effectively enhance the targeted, effective, the formation of a deep atmosphere of public opinion. To for migrant workers, rural left behind personnel, the elderly, students and other vulnerable groups, jointly with relevant departments, active site to provide security service of fire control, so that they stay away from the fire hazard.