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Our company was founded twenty anniversary celebration activities organized committee to carry out the celebration.

"Twenty years of wind and rain process, the transformation and upgrading and then start"

Notice on the celebration of the twenty anniversary of the establishment of the company

Departments and workshops:

Wei can fire from scratch and from small getting big, bigger stronger, go out of the country, to the international, ups and downs all the way through 20 spring and autumn, mileage is the twenty years of wind and rain, entrepreneurs take infinite pains silently Wei energy development and lay a solid foundation, crop of new and old employees wind, rain, Tongzhou, serving as a link between the past and the future. Pour the toil and sweat, Wei energy sustainable development contributed to the and the twenty years of development shows the Wei capable of diligence and wisdom and indomitable spirit.

Twenty years business history review show 20 years to get the results, promote Wei spirit, cohesion and morale, stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, share the achievements, create a better future, it was decided: May to June the company will carry out 20 anniversary series of events, are hereby notified of the relevant matters as follows:

One, the company established the twenty anniversary celebration organizing committee, the organizing committee members by the following personnel:

Activities of the general guidance: Zheng Shuiming

General manager: Hu Jiaming

Members: Li Hui, Han Yunfu, Shao Binbin, Dong Han, Yu Enfu, Zheng Xiaoqin, Ying Lixia, Yuan Xuejun, Li Wei Ling.

Second, held rich and colorful celebration: held a report meeting, a cultural forum of staff, to carry out cultural and sports activities, the project has: table tennis individual competition, basketball match, two people three - legged race, tug of war competition and other activities.

Three, the organization staff in batches to Mount Huangshan tourism, each workshop, departments should actively assist the organizing committee carefully organized arrangements.

Fourth, the company spirit of diligence and thrift guileless and festive, grand and unassuming purpose, using the company's internal entertain mainly carry out the celebrations at the Department, the workshop actively cooperate with the organizing committee to carry out the work, seriously organize the employees to actively participate in various activities, to ensure the orderly conduct of the activities.

Five, to celebrate the activities as an opportunity, Thanksgiving celebration for twenty years, and enhance the cohesion, stimulate the working enthusiasm of the staff and team spirit, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, hope each department, workshop is responsible for reasonable arrangements for production, do production and management and celebration activities two.

Six, the specific arrangements for the activities carried out according to the "celebration of the implementation of the program".

Attached: the celebration of the implementation of the program.

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May 5, 2014